San Cosme Artesano 43% vol, 700ml
San Cosme Artesano 43% vol, 700ml
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San Cosme Artesano 43% vol, 700ml

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A new limited San Cosme product line focusing on wild agaves. Whole batches of wild agave are harvested from various Mezcal producers. Detailed information on region, distillation, cooking method, crushing and master distiller can be found on each bottle.   

Nose: Pleasantly smoky, with notes of wood and citrus.

Palate: Long persistent with pleasant smoke, beautiful aromas of smoked agave, honey and grasses. 

Finish: Slow and complex.

The Arteseno  Edition 01 is a Mezcal ensemble from the wild agaves Karwinski (Madreccuishe, 50%), Potatorum (Tobalá, 20%) and the cultivated Agave Angustifolia (Espadin, 30%) from the Oaxaca region.